Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Instead of a shower, we forecast a sprinkle!

  Umbrella Themed Sprinkle Party Printables

The Invitation (and Inspiration)

I recently assisted my talented friend, Allison, with designing party printables for a sprinkle shower she was hosting.  It was such a joy to help her out with such a fun task!  Allison suggested an umbrella and bird theme with sage and brown colors. She was seeking something clean and simple with a classic look.

Here are a few photos from the shower that I am happy to share:

Upon entering the sprinkle shower, guests were greeted with a darling wreath that was embellished in the center with an 8" Centerpiece circle featuring the Umbrella Bird theme.

Allison is super creative and has a great eye for design.  She utilized a four inch Centerpiece circle to embellish a diaper cake that was featured at the treat table.  The diaper cake was also embellished with coordinating chocolate brown and white satin ribbons for a finished look.  She also created a stunning diaper holder shaped like a baby carriage using larger width ribbon and sage fabric that continued the sage and brown color scheme.

What is a sprinkle shower without cupcakes?  Delicious homemade cupcakes were dressed up in stylish damask cupcake wrappers and coordinating Umbrella themed printable cupcake toppers.  The 2.5" printable background circles were also used to add color and depth to the cupcakes.  Allie also created a precious wreath in the same color scheme that could easily be sold on Etsy!

Punch and water were served at the sprinkle shower.  Iron and bronze accessories artfully displayed the printable water bottle wrappers.

Upon entering the shower, Allison used the printable stationary for guests to write sweet messages and "Sage" advice to the shower recipient.  Tent cards were used throughout the party, explaining various stations throughout the shower.

I was so pleased to assist Allison with designing such a sweet set of printable party supplies for her lovely shower.  We are currently collaborating on a new set of nautical themed baby shower printables for an upcoming shower.  More details to follow!

For further details about purchasing the printable party supplies used in this shower, see my listing here or click on the photo below!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Join us for a Magical Pony Party!

I am finally posting photos from Little Princess' 3rd Birthday Party!  I am so excited to share these photos!  So, please join me for a Magical Unicorn and Rainbow Birthday Party!

After designing printable party supplies for over a year now and seeing all the wonderful and creative ways that my customers have used the designs for their own parties, I was ready to make Little Princess' party the ultimate in multicolored pony decor.  At the start of the New Year, I asked Little Princess what type of party that she wanted and she asked for a pony party.  We have a little unicorn stick horse that Little Princess loves to play which she calls her "Magic Pony".  Thus, the Magic Pony and Unicorn Party was born.  I love the idea of Rainbows, but I wanted a more vibrant girl theme.  So, we went with a modern "Rainbow" that incorporated a brighter lime green, pink, and teal into the color scheme.  

Gallop on Over to Little Princess' 3rd Birthday Party

Guests were greeted at the front door by a welcome sign themed with a pink pony.  The sign measures 8x10" and easily fits an 8x10" frame.  I selected a simple white frame and hung it from the top of the door using a coordinating teal ribbon.  

I also commissioned my friend, Erin, from Etsy's Cute-E-Shop, to design a coordinating outfit to match the color scheme of the party.  She is currently on hiatus, but I hope she re-opens soon to showcase her talented sewing skills!

Colts and Fillies - The Favor Table

Guests were first greeted at the entry with a splash of pink, green, and teal.  We have a simple entry table that I draped with a light pink and lime green rectangular tablecloth.  I positioned a third hot pink rectangular tablecloth behind the table to add a pop of color behind the printable Happy Birthday Banner.  The lime green tablecloth was made by simply taking the bottom edge of the tablecloth and folding it upward like an accordion.  I then poked a small hole at the top of the folded portion, inserted a ribbon into the hole and tied it all together.  

And yes, these are the plastic rectangular tablecloths that can be found at your local party supply store (such as Party City) for about $3 each!  I am fairly cost-conscious, so this was a perfect option to add lots of color throughout the entire space without breaking the bank.  For a more high end look, a fabric tablecloth would also work.  

My favorite printable party supply, the 4" Centerpiece Circle was also featured on the table.  I strung alternating 4" party circles between the 2" favor tags/cupcake toppers to make a garland that wrapped around the bottom of the table.  As you will see throughout the party, this 4" circle has so many great uses!

The entry table held the party favors that each guest would receive for attending the party.  The girls received a set of bracelets that were tagged with a 3" Thank You Tag featuring the Pink Pony design which stated "Thank You for coming to my Party".  Boys received a blue bouncing ball tagged with a 3" Thank You Tag featuring the Unicorn design.  I designed two 5" square party signs that were positioned above the girl and boy treats that said "Fillies" and "Colts", respectively.  Each guest also received a treat bag filled with Hershey Kisses that was topped with either a printable Unicorn or Pony Treat Bag Topper.

My local Michael's craft store was a great source for locating party items to coordinate with the printable party supplies.  The hot pink and teal polka dot metal buckets that held the party favors and the basket that held the treat bags were all procured at Michael's (using their 40% off online coupons, of course).

Station Signs - Magical Pony and Unicorn Activities

I originally asked my husband if we could have some live pony rides at the party, but since we live in the city, it was not achievable.  Instead, Little Princess offered a selection of outdoor and indoor activities for her guests to enjoy during the party.  A sweet neighborhood friend loaned us a large spring horse to use in connection with our Unicorn and Pony stick horses.  The kids LOVED racing around the yard with their horse or unicorn stick horse!  

Printable Station signs, like the one above "Unicorn and Pony Races", informed guests of each activity available at the party.

Again, I found a huge package of foam stickers and door hangers at Michaels in pink, yellow, purple, teal, and green that matched the party decor perfectly.  The sticker station was located in the living room where little hands could easily reach the items and create their own door hanger to take home with them.  

My Dad is retired and good with carpentry.  Further, my Mom can sew and paint.  So, I commissioned Mom and Dad to build a bean bag toss that also matched the party supplies.  Here, Little Princess has her game face on, ready to toss as many "Magic Bags" as she can before cupcake time!  

Again, a "Magic Bag Toss" station sign informed guests of the activity.  We also had a station sign for the bounce house that stated "Rainbow Pony Bounce" (not shown).

Pony Treats, Unicorn Sweets, and Rainbow Eats

On to Treats, Eats, and Sweets!  The dining room table was decked out with a selection of yummy items for the guests to enjoy after the "races". 

My wonderful friend, Jala, has recently started a photography business and provided the wonderful profile photo of Little Princess which was the focal point for the entire table display.  I utilized more of the rectangular tablecloths as both a backdrop behind the picture of Little Princess and also on the table.  Crepe paper streamers hung from the center of the table and down the wall on either side of the picture.  3M provides removable picture hanging hooks which were perfect for this display.  The 16x20" picture was hung briefly for the party and easily removed afterward without punching the wall with an unsightly nail hole.

Printable Pony and Unicorn tent cards labeled the food - Magic Cupcakes, Horseshoe Cookies, Pony Popcorn, and chocolate candy bars - to name a few.  I found the horseshoe cookie cutter via Amazon.com that worked well for the cookies.  Any simple sugar cookie recipe will work, but I used my great-grandmother's old fashioned tea cake recipe as it created a sturdy flat surface to ice with colored frosting..  If you are interested in the recipe, message me via my Etsy shop here and I will send it to you!  Guests were provided either a standard sized water bottle or a miniature version that was wrapped with a coordinating Pony or Unicorn printable design.  The popcorn was a hit with the preschool guests and adults.  It was a light and healthy snack that the kids loved munching on and pretending it was "pony food".  I found the great little polka dot cups via a shop on Etsy that I highly recommend.  The seller was super fast and allowed me to select only the cup colors that coordinated with the printable party supplies.  The listing can be found here.  Please inform her that Storybook Lane Crafts referred you!

A second look at the table display.  Here, you can see that I utilized the accordion style gathering on the tablecloth again.  The huge sunflowers in the background also came from Michael's floral department and nicely complimented the flower accents featured throughout the printable party supplies.

Time to sing Happy Birthday!  Little Princess doesn't particularly like when all eyes are on her!  But she certainly loved blowing out the three candles on her cupcake!

Each cupcake was tinted with a light pink frosting and wrapped with a printable cupcake wrapper, 2" cupcake topper and 2 1/2" background circle.  I also adhered the fabulous 4" Centerpiece Circle to the top of my cupcake stand for a finishing touch.    

Taking a cue from one of my fabulous customers, I also utilized the sample image provided on the first page of my Happy Birthday Banner printable document as a cake topper.

The best part about a printable party is that anyone can re-create the Magic in their own home.  For further details about purchasing the Magic Unicorn and Rainbow Party supplies, please see my listing here or click on the photo below!

Visit my Etsy Shop for more printable party ideas! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Noah's World

Elmo Loves to Party!  Please join us for some fun!  
Come and Help Us Celebrate

Noah is Turning ONE!!!

Elmo Dorothy Party

 Today, I'm pleased to share some party photos from one of my recent customers.  Noah loves Elmo's World on the PBS Show, Sesame Street.  So what better than a party that features Elmo and his favorite goldfish, Dorothy!  This lucky guy had one fun party with a truck shaped bounce house, cupcake tower, and treats galore!  

The printable party package utilized a teal and red color scheme, and my customer featured these two colors throughout the party with teal plates and red cups and boxes on the treat table.  I especially loved the red frame she used around the 8x10" welcome sign.  

My Sesame Street party printables include polka dots and stripes, and I just love the table skirt that my customer found to complement the printable party supplies.  The 2" favor tags also made great toppers on the red iced cupcakes that were frosted to mimic Elmo's fur.  Noah even received a delicious toddler-sized cupcake just for his very own!

My customers are super creative and always find a way to re-purpose an item for a different use.  Here, the water bottle wrappers included in the party package have been used to wrap around red napkins and teal forks and knives.  Below, the wrappers have been re-purposed around a stack of brightly colored bubble bottles.

The Elmo and Dorothy party theme offers lots of options for party planners to creatively use the Sesame Street theme even through their choice of treats.  Here, an Elmo treat bag topper is wrapped around a simple bag of goldfish crackers.  Elmo loves his Goldfish, and Noah's guests will, too, with this darling and simple idea.  All it took was a box of goldfish, a ziploc bag, and some cardstock to bring this simple idea to life.

My customer went the extra mile outdoors by adding a Happy Birthday banner, personalized with Noah's name, to flank the back fence in Noah's backyard.  The table included a darling centerpiece filled with my customer's favorite photo taken during each month of Noah's first year.

I am so pleased that my customer shared these photos with me, and I hope that they bring a bright idea to your next party!  The Elmo and Dorothy printable party supplies used for Noah's 1st Birthday can be purchased via my etsy shop here.  The coordinating Happy Birthday banner can be purchased separately here.

Visit my Etsy Shop for more printable party ideas! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Freebie

I always loved Valentine's Day as a child.  Signing my name on those little cards and passing them around to all of my friends.  So, in honor of the holiday, I have designed a set of printable Valentine's cards.  Four jungle-themed cards in both boy and girl themed colors.  To download the file (in .pdf format), click on the photo below or here.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak Peak: Little Princess' 3rd Birthday Party

Well, another year has passed, and I am in planning mode for Little Princess's 3rd Birthday party.  This year, she asked for a pony party, so I have been designing an all new set of printable party supplies with lots of ponies and a few unicorns, too.  I'm pretty excited about this new party printable.  The bright colors with the sweet pink pony makes my daughter smile every time she sees a new printable pop up around the house.

I will post photos from the party in a few weeks, but for now, here is a sneak peak. The invitation is available for sale via my Etsy shop here or click on the photo below.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


A good friend of mine recently asked me to assist her with designing some party printables for her son's 3rd Birthday Party.  He absolutely loves the PBS show "Super Why", so all of the party items were designed with this theme in mind.

 My friend was hesitant about tackling the assembly of a printable party.  She claimed that she has no skills when it comes to craft projects, but I assured her that it was only a matter of printing and cutting.  I, certainly, think that she did a great job.  And the look on her son's face when he saw the room, was just priceless!

Our "Super Mom" provided an option of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from a local grocery baker.  Each cupcake was embellished with a topper that featured one of the main Super Why characters and personalized with our Super Reader's age.

 Our "Super Reader" held his party at Pump It Up, which is a great place to host a party for preschool-aged children.  We had limited time to set up the party space, but the festive colors worked well with our Super Reader color scheme of Blue and Lime Green.

One of my favorite printable party supplies is the often forgotten four inch party circle.  There are SO many options for using this type of printable in ways that can make a big impact.  Two of my favorite are showcased here.  Our "Super Mom" took the two circles and sandwiched them around the string of a helium balloon.  A dozen balloons were spaced along the party tables adding height and festivity to the room.  A second set of four inch circles were used to top the cupcake stand.

Everyone had a great time, and left with a package of treats to remember the day.  Of course, the treat bag was topped with a printable topper.  To purchase the printable party supplies featured in this party, please see my Etsy shop listing here or click on the photo below.