Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nautical Baby Shower


Often, it can be challenging to find a baby shower theme that suits both mom-to-be and baby.  How does a hostess plan a shower that is youthful and sweet for a baby, yet stylish in design for the adults attending?  Complete with geometric knot and striped patterns which give any party a modern touch, a nautical theme offers any hostess the opportunity to express their creativity.  With this party theme, any planner can create the most stylish party for minimal cost.  

Here are a few ideas to consider when planning your next Nautical themed party. My wonderful friend, Allison, hosted this shower using my Nautical themed party printables.  It was so exciting to see the theme come to life, and her creativity with the accessories was amazing!  Allison is an A+ party stylist!  First, let's start with the invitation.

Inviting the Guests

The invitation is the first item that guests will receive notifying them of the joyous celebration.  Thus, a thoughtful invitation design will give the first impression that something exciting is happening.  However, with a printable design, you can accomplish a stylish look without breaking the budget.

The color scheme for this nautical shower was yellow and navy.  In addition to adding these colors to the invitation, an anchor image was included at the top with a yellow rope.  The hostess also requested a coordinating 4x6" insert design to include with the invitation.  The insert contained a creative poem asking guests bring a signed book to the shower rather than a card.  What a cute idea!  Children can never have too many books.  The invitation can be purchased here.   Plus, I have included the coordinating 4x6" insert for free with a purchase of the invitation. 

Finally, the hostess re-purposed the invitation and insert at the baby shower with a collection of sea shells to create a lovely nautical display!  

Ahoy!  It's a Boy!  Let the Shower Begin!

Nautical themes offer so many decorating options for the hostess ... knots, rope, seashells, nets.  Anything sea-worthy will make wonderful embellishments at the party.  First, including a set of Nautical themed party printables can easily set the theme and color scheme for the shower.  For this shower, I designed lots of wonderful nautical themed items which coordinated with the original invitation design.  Water bottle labels, a welcome sign, cupcake toppers, and tent cards were just a few of the many printables used at this shower!  Adding images of the anchor, a sailboat, starfish, and lighthouse created a cohesive nautical theme.  

One of my favorite touches was Allison's use of lifesaver candies as decoration throughout the shower.  Above, the hostess created silverware wrappers with a simple lifesaver candy and rope.  So cute!

Nautical themed station signs were heavily used at the shower.  "The Galley" (above left) was used for the treats and eats at the shower.  "Cargo" for gifts and "Catch of the Day" for cake were also used.  Take note of the cute baby basket display which was embellished with a 2" printable party circle and held diapers for the mom-to-be to take home.  Every inch of this shower was thoughtfully prepared.

Next, I created a printable "Message in a Bottle" sign for guests to write advice to the mom-to-be.  The "Message in a Bottle" station fit perfectly with the nautical theme.  Allison found a simple glass jug (similar to this one) where guests could drop their messages.  Printable miniature candy bar wrappers were re-purposed in two ways at this station.  First, they were laid flat, attached to rope, and wrapped around the glass jug.  Second, they were rolled into tubes and placed in a small candy dish.  Guests unwrapped a rolled tube to write the message and then dropped the written note into the glass jar.  Very special and unique!

Allison also placed a "Port of Call" printable station sign framed next to a guest sign in sheet.  Finally, the "All Hands on Deck" station allowed guests to write sweet or silly messages on diapers for a late night change.  Each station sign was designed using coordinating nautical themed elements, creating a cohesive look throughout the shower.  Note, too, the use of more lifesavers and twine on the stations.  Such a simple touch of texture and whimsy brings the entire theme together.

The shower was a great success and our mom-to-be expressed such gratitude for such a lovely party.  It was especially rewarding when a year later, I was able to help our guest of honor design a Whale Themed 1st birthday party package for her little sailor.

Are you looking for a nautical themed baby shower package?  The above printables are for sale in my Etsy shop via Instant Download.  Click here or on the picture below for more details!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party ~ the dress

Well, I have started working on the printable party design for my daughter's 5th birthday in February! 

Yes ... I know, I know!  It IS only November, but these things take time to plan.  Little Princess has insisted on a rainbow unicorn party this year, and I am designing the printables from scratch. There are so many cute Rainbow themed decor ideas, particularly with unicorns.  However, everything starts to blur together after a while as the designs all seem very similar.  Most are very modern and clean with lots of white in the design.  Many are lovely and inspiring, but my little princess is very girlie and sweet like candy.  So, the clean, modern look just doesn't suit her personality.  Plus, I already have a great modern Unicorn Party Package and coordinating Invitation in this theme listed in my shop.  

My goal for the Little Princess is to always think "out of the box" when it comes to her party.  Since we had a pony and unicorn party a few years back, I am working on a unique design that I am currently calling "Shabby Chic Rainbow". I can't wait to show it to everyone! Details soon to come ... 

In the meantime, I thought I would share the outfit that I am considering for the party.  I found a darling dress on a quilter's blog, and I love the style.  The swirl pattern looks just like a rainbow when it is flared out, and Little Princess loves to twirl.  This dress suits her style perfectly!  You can view the dress here or look below for a sneak peek!

Now, I just need to add some vintage touches to match the theme.  Thankfully, my mother loves to sew which is extremely helpful when it comes to unique party attire.  After much begging, I have finally convinced her to help me out by sewing this dress for the party.  If you do not have a family member that is so inclined, there is a shop on Etsy who sells a similar dress here.  (I cannot vouch for this shop's services.  However, she was quite responsive when I contacted her regarding my blog post).  Please leave a comment below if you have used this shop before!)

My next idea is to add a Unicorn horn headpiece to tie in the Rainbow Unicorn theme.  There are lots of options out there, but so far, this one on Etsy is my favorite.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  

This party is starting to slowly take shape!  Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day FREE Printable Card

Every year, Valentine's Day comes around and I find myself scrambling for something for my daughter to bring to her school party.  This year, we decided to go with lollipops which are her favorite candy.  Today, I am sharing the printable for all those parents who, like myself, found themselves two days before Valentine's Day with no cards.  

Just print the image on cardstock or brochure paper and cut into four cards.  Cut a small slit (approximately 1/8 inch) into the red heart and insert a lollipop of your choice.  Turn card to the back side and adhere lollipop stick to the back of card with a small strip of tape.

Click here or on the photo above to download the PDF file.

I hope this brings some LOVE to all of my friends and customers!  Happy Valentine's Day!