Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Printable Freebie - Popcorn Treat Bag Topper

Well, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I have been working on the treat bags that Little Princess will pass out to her school friends next week.  We always get TONS of candy connected to this holiday, so I wanted to provide the kids with a healthy snack that most kids (with allergies) can still eat.  Thus ... popcorn!  With a cute little phrase on the bag design, this simple (and inexpensive) snack quickly became Valentine's Day themed.  If you feel extra creative, try some gourmet popcorn options using pink and white melting chocolate.  Click here for a good recipe ... if you dare!

Today ... I am sharing the treat bag printable with you. In addition, I thought I would provide a quick tutorial on how to assemble the treat topper image and ready the treat for gift-giving.

The printable freebie can be downloaded here or by clicking on any of the photos below.