Friday, March 4, 2016

Centerpiece Tutorial

I often receive questions from my customers regarding how, exactly, to assemble a certain printable party supply.  Included with each purchase is an Instruction Booklet which contains helpful hints for printing/assembling the digital images included in an order.  Plus, printable parties are SO EASY TO CREATE!

BUT - if you are like me - I like pictures!  Visually seeing how something is put together can often help make things more easily understandable.  So, I am adding a series called "TUTORIALS" which contain a collage of photos featuring STEP-BY-STEP instructions for certain party supplies.  

**  Centerpiece digital images used in photos courtesy of my Rainbow Unicorn Party Package which is available for purchase here.

Before starting any project, I always like to research the internet get ideas and inspiration.  Pinterest is an awesome place to look for party ideas (and it is likely how you found this blog post in the first place).  Ha ha!  

First, I saved a collection of centerpieces that I found online which I liked.  As you can see from the photo below, the theme is not what matters.  I collected from a variety of sources.  But after narrowing down my favorites (noted below), I noticed certain aspects of each which I liked and attempted to incorporate it into my own centerpiece. 

Here is what I gathered from the above:

1)  Obviously, I love bright colors (which may explain my vibrant Rainbow Unicorn themed party package).  
2)  There are lots of centerpieces that are elevated on a rod/stick which adds height.
3)  Straw/filler is a repeating theme in most of my favorites.  

Once the ideas were collected, I had direction on what to buy and how to assemble it.  Off to SHOP!!!

Check out the below EASY-TO-FOLLOW steps for printing and assembling a party CENTERPIECE.  As you may note from the photos noted below, even LITTLE PRINCESS got involved with the decorating.